Please note: Your order MUST be picked up within 72 hours of notification or a daily storage fee will be added.

Your deer must be properly tagged and it MUST be called in prior to delivery. We CAN NOT accept deer without the confirmation number nor the proper tags.

If your bringing in boneless meat please bring the tags of all dear that were boned out.

If it's warm and you can't get to us right away be sure to put ice bags inside the rib cage and spread all legs open.  This will help prevent with spoilage. On warmer days please try to get your deer to us as quick as possible.

If a deer comes in spoiled it will not be processed.

Please note: The basic $70.00 fee is our processing fee and includes the basic cut. (Chops, roast, loins, tenders, steaks and burger.)

Please Note: 10% (beef/pork) fat is added to our cooked products.