All Slim Jims

All Slim Jims come in vacuumed sealed packaging to ensure the freshness and quality of our products.

Salami's/Summer Sausage

All Salami's and Summer Sausages come in 3 IB rolls. Each roll is cut in half and vacuumed sealed to insure freshness and quality of our product.

Basic Cuts

Meat from your basic cut (chops, burger, steaks, loins, and tenders) are professionally doubled wrapped by our skilled wrappers to ensure quality and freshness of our product.

Solo is known for it's 2014 Grand Champion reward for Best Exotic Jerky and Snack Sticks. This award was given to Solo for it Jalapeno Slim Jim's.  We take pride in our family secret recipes. You'll never find another venison processing plant that has a taste like ours. Our recipes are made in house by Mike and tested by the whole team prior to release.

You'll also enjoy knowing that the deer you harvested and brought to us is the deer you will eat. Your deer is tagged with your name and number and follows your deer through the whole butchering process.